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  • 'Counselling' is sometimes seen as shorter-term and something offered as support, and 'psychotherapy' is often viewed as longer-term and leading to personality change. There is no clear-cut distinction in reality, and there is a third term 'Psychotherapeutic Counselling' which is the title of my highest qualification. Ethical practice, fairness and ability to facilitate your journey are in my view more important than title.  

  • Counselling is a confidential space for you to talk about or express things which are troubling you, and have someone listen without judgement. Having the right therapeutic relationship is important, so if we're not a good match, that's OK- there will be another counsellor who is a better fit.

  • I work from a Humanistic perspective, which means that I believe people have their own resources to develop, they have a unique perspective on the world which is to be respected, and that by offering a new way of being in a safe space I can help you make changes. My other training and knowledge means that we can discuss the types of things you find most helpful and weave in ideas from other approaches to help you get closer to where you would like to be.

  • Our first introductory or 'assessment' session together is where we look at how to best work together or find you other support. We will talk a bit about why you have come to counselling and what you are hoping for, but you only need to tell me what you feel safe to. I will show you my contract so you can see if you agree and we'll decide how to move forward. Clients coming directly from Harley Therapy will have completed an extensive assessment form before we meet and are charged full price for the initial session by Harley. If coming to me directly you are welcome to have a half-hour session for the first one if you wish, at £25. 

  • Sessions are £55 but reduced rate slots at £35-50 will sometimes be available for those who need it. You can pay on here by PayPal if more convenient but payment in person at the session is fine too!